Useful Links

Crazy Meds: Finding the Treatment Options that Suck Less

This website is extremely useful if you want well organized first hand information on different psychiatric medicines. It has everything from how drugs work, to side effects (ranging from common to outright bizarre) and other things patients should be aware of. If you’re curious about a drug, or trying out a new med, I would really recommend you check out this site.

This is a great site for accessing all sorts of information on mental illness (if I wanted to help a friend/relative better understand this sphere of my life I’d refer them to It also provides a lot of support/specific information on how to access support for people struggling with mental illness in the UK.

21 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Depressed

I was a bit sceptical about including a Buzzfeed link, but when I read this article I was surprised by how accurate it is in describing certain aspects of depression.  I’ve forwarded it to a couple of friends to help them understand what I experience, so you might find it useful too.

16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People

I recently discovered that I’m an HSP, or ‘Highly Sensitive Person’. If you read this and a few of the ‘habits’ ring a bell, you might be one too!

Post Secret

I’m not sure if this counts as useful, but if you’ve ever felt alone this site (and it’s archives) are well worth a browse.


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