I don’t remember anyone mentioning this when prescribing Prozac…

Having made such great progress taking myself off lithium, I keenly decided Prozac (fluoxetine) was the next to go (after six years, most of it at 60mg a day) – and why not right now?

= mistake. Oh boy.

I went from 60mg daily to 40mg, stayed there for two days, then cut down to 20mg. That was early last week.

On Sunday the nausea kicked in – I thought I’d caught a stomach bug. Except it was more than that. It was like having a cold too with sniffles etc, and maybe flu because my joints ached and it hurt to move. Yesterday the nausea subsided, to be replaced by all-mighty brain-zaps. It feels like there is WAY too much electricity in my brain. Every movement seems exaggerated, like I might fall. I can feel my pulse in my head. I’m sure that I’m physically twitching, although my housemate is assuring me she hasn’t noticed.

Venlafaxine withdrawals were hard for this reason, but they were intense and over in a couple of days. This seems really drawn out, and I can’t keep taking time off work. At the same time, I’m not safe to drive. I’m not really that safe to walk!!

I’ll post again in a few days when hopefully my brain has settled down, but in the mean time I just had to wave a flag to say Prozac withdrawals can be a real *****. I found ‘SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome’ on the interweb, read the symptoms and yelled ‘THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH.’

Given the really long half life of fluoxetine, I was under the impression it would be really easy to come off, especially if I didn’t go cold turkey. If I had known it could hurt like this, I’m not sure I would have stayed on it for six years.



2 thoughts on “I don’t remember anyone mentioning this when prescribing Prozac…

  1. Sorry if I’ve missed something, but are you working towards stopping all your medications? How are things now? I remember my own withdrawal from antidepressants and antipsychotics and that was really not cool. I had to stop cold turkey due to some other health issues but sheesh, that was let’s just say not a good time. I hope you have some support around you and the withdrawal is not too bad. Take care!

    • Not all, just the prozac and lithium. Time for change, and I had an itching feeling that the longer I was on lithium the greater the chances that it would seriously f*** with my organs (I’m not anti-live-shortening-measures but death by kidney or liver failure isn’t really what I’d go for).

      Antipsychotics are awful to come off – bet you had some fun with those. I certainly did…not. Eeek. I hope you’re feeling better off without all that stuff. There’s not much worse than the prospect of having to jump right back on the med train when you know how much it’s going to cost you.

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